Part of the reason it is important to have a professional looking at the cooling system this back-to-school season is that this system is comprised of a number of essential parts that all work together as one to protect the moving parts of the engine.

The water pump is responsible for taking the engine coolant and moving it from the block to the radiator and back completing the cycle. If the bearings inside the pump fail or the belts to the pump break, the pump can't continue to circulate the coolant.

The thermostat must be able to regulate the temperatures before they get too hot inside the block. The team will check the housing gasket and make certain the thermostat is functioning properly.

The belts and hoses throughout the cooling system will be inspected for signs of wear so they can be changed before they fail.

Now is the perfect time to come to Autosaver MAX so we can perform a full back-to-school cooling system inspection.

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