How to Tell If Your Starter Is Beginning to Fail

The ignition system in modern vehicles is a mix of both mechanical and electrical parts. Mechanical parts will wear down over time, and electrical parts can become shorted out or damaged by fluids. Understanding what to look, listen, and smell for can help you diagnose which part of your ignition system may need to be serviced.

Loud grinding noises when starting your vehicle are typically indicative of a starter gear that is worn out and no longer engaging the flywheel properly. If ignored this can lead to extensive damage to your ignition system.

Smoke is another sign that something is going seriously wrong with your vehicle. If you notice the smell of smoke or burning when you start the car it is important that you turn your vehicle off right away and avoid driving it again until it is fixed. This is usually the result of the starter motor drawing too much electricity and can be dangerous.

If you still aren't sure why your car is doing what it is doing, bring it to our service team at Autosaver MAX in South Burlington, VT for a full diagnostic workup.

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