Knowing as much about your car as possible helps you to save money in the long run by making wise decisions when something goes wrong. Scrapes and scratches are just part of owning a car, but you can help maintain your car's appearance by touching these up yourself.

Your car's paint has a factory code that will be listed in your paperwork or online. You can buy small jars of paint for minor do-it-yourself touch-up work. Prepare the surface of the scratch by cleaning it thoroughly with soap and water. If the scratch doesn't go all the way to the metal, softly sand the area of the scratch with 220-grit sandpaper, clean it again, and apply the paint. For deeper scratches, apply primer to the metal, sand again and apply paint.

If you need help with touch-ups or anything else, stop by Autosaver MAX in South Burlington, VT. We're here to assist you with repainting after an accident and helping you to keep your car looking its very best.

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