Here at Autosaver MAX, we enjoy alerting our customers and others to the many hazards of winter weather driving. The roads can become dangerous during winter weather, and while slippery roads are hazardous there is another threat that can present a great danger. This threat is known as impaired visibility, and this situation causes many accidents each and every year.

In many cases, poor visibility during winter driving is caused by drivers who use the wrong windshield wipers for the conditions. For example, summer windshield wipers include many externally accessible moving parts that can easily clog up and freeze during winter months. If and when this happens, ice and snow can quickly overwhelm the wiper and the blades and cause complete loss of visibility.

In order to avoid such situations, drivers should always be sure to use winter rated wipers during cold weather months. Winter wipers, in contrast to warm weather wipers, having closed constructions that include very few moving parts. They also have special blade tips that flex during cold conditions and provide adequate snow and ice clearance.

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