When you wash your car, you're not just getting rid of dust and debris. You're also ensuring that the weather can't cause any lasting harm. We here at Autosaver MAX want you to be an informed car owner so that you can get the most out of your purchase. Here are some ways that the weather can affect your vehicle's exterior.

Whether you have cruised on a hot summer day in South Burlington, VT or navigated through a downpour, it's important that you give your car a good wash. While rain may seem like it gets rid of dirt and grime, it can actually do the opposite. The moisture can trap contaminants on the surface of the car. This may result in a breakdown of the clear coat and eventual rusting.

During the summer months, you should be washing your car at least once a week. This is because the added heat from the sun has the potential to harden dirt. Tree sap and splattered bugs can become rock hard and start to chip away your paint.

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