Why Buying Used Isn’t Like It Used To Be

There are plenty of reasons you should consider buying a used vehicle when you’re in the market for transportation. Old ideas about buying used continue to be perpetuated by people who haven’t bought used in recent years, so let’s take a moment to unpack some of the myths about used vehicles. You may find that some of your own thoughts about used cars aren’t true!

Not As Reliable

Many people believe that used vehicles aren’t as reliable as a brand new purchase. While it may be the case that buying a junked used vehicle can mean it’s less reliable, that’s far from every case. More recent models of vehicles are built to endure, so reliability isn’t as big of a factor nowadays. 

Not As New Features

Brand new vehicles are going to have the newest features for sure, but do you really need the newest car in order to get the same functionality? In most cases the answer is No. Just like you don’t see many vehicles with tape players anymore, technology advances in standards. Safety features that were incredibly advanced 5 years ago are standard now. Blind spot detection and adaptive cruise control have been around for a few years at this point, so you can almost certainly find older models with these features. 

Additionally, the computer systems in many recent models can be updated to incorporate new functions and advances without needing to replace the whole vehicle. 

Model Problems

Some buyers point to a model that has had a history of recalls or known issues as evidence that you shouldn’t buy them when compared with new vehicles. While model history is certainly important, it doesn’t make sense to compare a vehicle that has been out for years to one that just rolled off the assembly line. 

Every model is bound to run into issues, but if you find a used vehicle that’s had all of the known issues repaired, you could be in better shape than buying new and finding these problems that there aren’t fixes for yet. 

These are just a couple of the reasons why buying used makes sense. You can get all of the same reliability, features, and security of a new model at a fraction of the cost. Stop into Autosaver MAX in South Burlington today to find the perfect fit for you and your needs.

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