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Are your brakes starting to make a noise? Is your vehicle not as responsive with slowing down and stopping as it once was? If so, it's time to get your brakes replaced. Make your appointment with Autosaver Max in South Burlington's trained and certified service team today!


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When it's time to replace your brakes, don't delay! Whether you hear a squeal as you push the brake pedal, notice your vehicle isn't stopping as quickly or smoothly as before, or notice the brake pad itself is worn down, it's time to replace your brakes. Putting off replacing your brakes will lead to more expensive repairs, such as having to replace warped rotors, or if left unreplaced for an extended amount of time, you could risk damaging your calipers as well. The longer you prolong changing your brakes, the more parts you will end up having to replace.


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close up shot of brake assembly including rotors, calipers, lugs, and brake pads

Make Sure Your Brakes are Replaced Properly


In order to change your brakes, you need to have the proper tools, or you'll create more costly problems for yourself. If you've never changed them in the past, you also may not recognize if your rotors are already warped or not. To keep your vehicle safe and make sure your brakes and all other parts are replaced properly, bring your vehicle to Autosaver Max in South Burlington!


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Don't Wait to Change Your Brakes!


Our trained and certified service team will not only replace your brakes, but inspect your rotors as well to confirm whether or not they should be replaced for safe driving. Rest assured that your vehicle is being cared for properly at Autosaver Max in South Burlington. We'll replace any parts with high quality materials and make sure you are driving safe and sound. We care about serving you and your needs, so take a seat and relax while we service your vehicle.


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If it's time for your brakes to be replaced or you'd like them to be looked over, call (888) 704-4366 and make your appointment today! No time to call? Schedule your appointment at your convenience online! Autosaver Max in South Burlington looks forward to servicing all of your vehicle's needs!

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