The Autosaver MAX business works by buying your high quality Used Vehicles, servicing them, and reselling them. If you have a quality Used Truck, Car, or SUV we would like to make you an offer!

How easy is it to sell your car to Autosaver MAX? (almost too easy)
  1. Schedule an appraisal with us (see form below or call us)
  2. Bring your car in to be seen by one of our appraisers 
  3. If we like it, we'll make you an offer on the spot! 
How can you get top dollar for your vehicle?
  • Don't forget your title!
  • Make sure it is clean, inside and out
  • Bring all keys and remotes for the vehicle
  • Bring any service records that can illustrate a good maintenance history
  • If there are any accessories that go with the car, bring those too (extra floor mats, cargo covers, etc)